Пополняем словарный запас. Строения, места, сооружения

car park автостоянка I will leave my car in the car park and catch the bus.
castle замок, крепость My parents visited the old castle on their trip to the Czech Republic.
cathedral собор We saw all the amazing cathedrals of the Czech Republic on their trip.
church церковь Everyone should go to church every Sunday.
office oфис, кабинет, бюро, канцелярия, контора She got the office too late yesterday and I was very angry with her, because I am her boss.
office block административное здание We are going to rent space in that old office block.
park парк, заповедник Let’s go to the park.
post office отделение связи, почтовое отделение Go to the post office and take down there these letter.
pub паб, пивная I like the pub and often go down there.
seafront набережная Don’t you mind to take a walk with me on the seafront?
skyscraper небоскреб My town has a few wonderful skyscrapers.
station станция, вокзал I met her at the station and gave wonderful flowers.
bus station автовокзал I was at the bus station when she called me.
fire station пожарное депо My father works at fire station. He is a fireman.
police station полицейский участок If you are robed go to the police station.
railway station железнодорожный вокзал I will meet her at the railway station cause she has a heavy baggage
town hall ратуша The first Russian town hall was set up by peter the First.
bar (American English) бар My father likes going to the bar after work.


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