Несколько распространенных выражений с использованием наречий

Наречия, Словосочетания, английский языкAbove all: прежде всего

Above all, be responsible.

After all: в конце концов

You should respect my opinion. After all, I am a big boy now.

All the same: тем не менее

I don’t like this band. All the same I’ll listen to it.

All of a sudden: внезапно, вдруг

All of sudden, she sneezed.

At the moment: в настоящий момент, прямо сейчас

I can’t do anything at the moment

As a matter of fact: на самом деле

I don’t look more than thirty. As a matter of fact I am pushing forty

At any rate: несмотря ни на что

I’ll be with her at any rate

Before long: вскоре

I repaired it before long.

By and by: постепенно, со временем

By and by she forgot me.

By far: значительно, гораздо, намного

She is by far more clever that her sister

By the way: кстати

By the way, I found that book yesterday

By no means: никак, никоим образом

She can, by no means, read your letters

Far and wide: всесторонне, широко, повсюду, вдоль и поперек

His things were far and wide

For certain: наверняка

She knew for certain that he was a womanizer

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