Использование предлога in

использование предлога in примерыи перевод с английского


Предлог in широко используется в английском языке. Ниже несколько примеров для различных случаев использования in – как в качестве предлога, так и в качестве составной части выражений:


In в качестве предлога



In – для обозначения момента времени


Используйте In для указания на определенный месяц или год:


My birthday is in June

I met her in September


I was born in 1979

We met in 2008


Используйте In для обозначения определенного периода времени в будущем



I’m going to study English in four years

They will finish this project in three week’s time



In – в выражениях с morning, afternoon, и evening. Но: используйте at night


I do like waking up early in the morning

I think we’ll do that in the afternoon

Но:I usually go to bed late at night



In – для выражения мест, городов, стран, континентов


I live in Russia

I have never been in New York. And I have never lived in the USA



Теперь пройдемся по устойчивым выражениям и словосочетаниям с предлогом In.


In front of – перед (чем-либо)


I am in from of my computer at the moment.

There is a bench in front of my entrance.



In addition – к тому же, кроме того, вдобавок


In addition, I have to purchase flowers, because she does love them

In addition, I have problems with my parents, therefore I can’t see you tonight.



In all / most / many / some cases – во всех/в большинстве/во многих/в некоторых случаях


In most cases we feel if we’re cheated

In some case I am ready to kill her



In any case – в любом случае


In any case, I should see her and say sorry.

In any case, you will lose



In case – в случае (чего-либо)


In case you cheat me, I won’t give you money

In case he comes, I’ll find time for him



In conclusion – в заключении


In conclusion, I wanna tank you for you’ve finally heard out my story

In conclusion, we need to make a decision



In fact – фактически, в самом деле, вернее


In fact, we got less money than he had said

I am sure you are a good worker. In fact, I am sure you’ll work in our company. 



In general – в общем


In general, we spent time very nice

What can you say about you work in general?



In my opinion – по-моему, по моему мнению


In my opinion, you don’t have to pay him, because he hasn’t done his work

In my opinion, everything is right



In order to – для того, чтобы


I need to buy this mobile phone in order to be a cool guy

You should go in order to be in time for dinner



In other words – другими словами


In other words, I don’t want to see him anymore

In other words, I prefer to be alone



In particular – в частности, в особенности


We need new workers, in particular, a new programmer

In particular, he wants his own room in our flat



In short – вкратце, короче говоря


In short, John, stop pestering me!

In short, I am tired of you



In spite of – не смотря на, вопреки


In spite of his words, she went home

In spite of the weather, I didn’t take an umbrella



In time vs on time – in time используется, когда что-то сделано к определенному моменту времени, успеть к определенному моменту, или сделать что-то до необходимого момента времени. On time – значит что-то сделать вовремя, по расписанию


I finished my work in time for her visit

She warned me in time for me to leave that place





I was at work on time

A train arrived on time



На сим заканчиваю, ибо пятница и надо успеть в кино с девушкой in time



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